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How-To Guide

In The Box +

Included in the box are:

  • PAX 3

  • One magnetic charging cradle with USB cord that plugs into your computer

  • Two interchangeable mouthpieces: one flat, already fitted with the device, and one raised

  • Two interchangeable oven lids: one standard already fitted on the device, and one half pack oven lid, for a smaller oven load

  • A concentrate insert for the oven, for extract compatibility

  • Three extra oven screens

  • A keychain multi-tool, for packing and filling the oven and removing the mouthpiece

  • A PAX maintenance kit with pipe cleaners and a wire brush for deep cleaning

Charging +



  • Before using PAX 3 you’ll need to make sure it’s charged

  • Connect the USB cord into the charging dock, and plug the cable into a USB port on your computer

  • Place PAX on the cradle

  • Glowing white petals indicate your device is charging. The more petals lit, the more charge your PAX 3 has

  • PAX 3 is fully charged when all four petals stop pulsing and turn solid white

Grinding Your Material +

Getting Started:

  • Now that PAX 3 is charged, you’re ready to get started
  • Grind material to a medium/coarse consistency
  • Remove the magnetic oven lid and pack with your loose leaf material
  • PAX 3 works best if your material is packed firmly in the oven

Oven Options:

Standard Oven Lid:

  • Use the standard oven lid if you like a full oven load and firmly tamp down your material with the multi-tool 
  • Place the oven lid on top, and it will snap into place

Half Pack Oven Lid:

  • Place a smaller amount of material inside the oven, and tamp down with the multi-tool
  • Snap the half-pack oven lid into place.
  • Caution: Never pack the oven while PAX is powered on, or while the oven is hot or cooling Always wait at least 10 minutes between uses to re-pack the oven

Concentrate Insert Usage +

Concentrate Insert:

  • Use only a small amount of material – about 10-20 milligrams, or about the size of a lentil or rice grain

  • The oven lid does not sit flush with the bottom of the device

  • We recommend using the concentrate on a medium to high temperature

Concentrate Insert Removal +


Concentrate Insert Removal:

  • Make sure the oven is powered off before removing the insert. Never touch the metal chamber while hot

  • It may be easier – and less sticky – to remove if the material is slightly warm

  • After the device is completely powered down, turn it on and let it warm up for 3 seconds, then wiggle out the concentrate insert right after powering down the device

  • Clean the concentrate insert after every use

Power On +


Powering On:

Choose which mouthpiece you prefer – the flat or the raised option. They switch out easily

  • Power on with a quick press of the button located in the center of the mouthpiece

  • PAX 3 will vibrate slightly to indicate it’s on

  • The LED light will begin pulsing purple, to signal that it’s heating up. Do not pull from the device during heat up

  • PAX 3 heats up in 15 seconds

  • When your PAX buzzes again and the LED lights turn green, it’s go time

Taking A Draw +


The Draw:

A gentle draw is best to start. Ensure your lips are placed around and not directly in the opening of the mouthpiece.

We recommend gentle, cigar-like draws to pull the vapor through the air path.

Temperature Settings +



Temperature settings are a great way to experiment with the flavor profiles of your material. Higher settings typically mean you get more robust vapor production. Lower settings mean you’ll likely get more flavor profiles from your material. When using the concentrate insert, we always recommend a medium high or high-temperature setting.


Changing Temperature:

  • Push down on the mouthpiece for an extended press – about two seconds

  • Your device will enter “temp set mode” and the LED lights will reflect your current temperature

  • You can cycle through your temp setting with short presses on the mouthpiece


  • Low: One Petal - Green

  • Medium: Two Petals - Yellow

  • Medium/High: Three Petals - Orange

  • High: Four Petals - Red

  • Once your desired temperature is reached, you may exit temp set mode with another extended, two-second press on the mouthpiece, or by shaking your device

  • More temperature settings are available on the PAX Vapor App

Check Your Charge +


Checking Your Charge:

  • When the device is on, you can check your battery life by giving PAX a gentle shake
  • White LED petals light up to indicate the battery level. Each petal represents a 25% charge.

Need A Charge:

  • If the top left petal blinks red 3 times, you’re almost out of battery, and it’s time to charge your device.

Standby Mode +


Standby Mode:


  • If you set PAX down for more than 30 seconds, the oven starts to slowly cool to preserve battery life. The LED will show a blue wave in a downwards motion.
  • Once PAX is picked up, it will immediately begin heating up to your desired temperature.
  • Keep in mind that if PAX 3 doesn’t move or sense your lips for three minutes, it will turn off completely so that your battery life is preserved.


Maintenance +


Keeping your PAX clean is easy:

  • Remove the mouthpiece and oven lid and insert a pipe cleaner (or wire brush) into the vapor path, flossing back and forth

  • The pipe cleaner will pop out the oven screen

  • You can dip the oven screen and mouthpieces into isopropyl alcohol for thorough cleaning. However, never submerge your oven lid in isopropyl alcohol or water

  • You may submerge the concentrate insert chamber into isopropyl alcohol, but never the entire lid

  • If you’d like to clean the inside of the oven, we suggest using a Q-tip.

  • Before you replace the screen and mouthpiece, make sure they are completely dry

  • When you’re done cleaning the vapor path, carefully re-insert the screen so it lies slightly bowed in the bottom of the oven, and press down gently to secure

  • We recommend cleaning PAX 3 every few uses, to optimize the flavor of your material, and the resistance of the vapor path

  • We recommend cleaning the Concentrate Insert after every use

PAX App +


Connecting to the App:

You can download the free PAX Vapor App in the App store from an iPhone, or Google Play if you have an Android.

To connect your PAX 3 to the PAX Vapor App for the first time, make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone and open up the PAX Vapor App. You must have a fully charged PAX 3 close to your phone to properly connect for the first time.

Turn on PAX 3 and shake lightly until the alternating blue lights appear. This indicates it’s in pairing mode.

Once your PAX 3 is paired, the device will vibrate and the app should display PAX 3 on the home screen.

You’re now able to name your device.

You’ll also receive a tutorial on how to access a suite of additional features, including precise temperature controls, security lock, games, and the latest updates to your firmware.