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PAX Screen

Should my screen have holes in it? +

The PAX screen is actually a solid plate with a screen-like pattern; no actual holes. The design allows for maximum heat transfer and channels vapor around the scalloped edges as you draw on the device.

How should I insert the screen in the oven? +

Correct placement of the screen will greatly impact the quality of vapor.

Try this:

  • First, always be sure the oven is cool before removing the screen.
  • Hold your PAX so that the oven is facing up towards you.
  • Place one corner of the screen in the end of the oven furthest away from the vapor path's opening.
  • Lay the other end in loosely so it sits high above the opening to the vapor path.
  • Press firmly down in the center of the screen, so that it curves in the middle.
  • The screen should lock right in place.
  • After inserting, flip your PAX over and tap the sides. If the screen stays put then you're good to go!

Can I soak the oven screen? +


  • While your PAX is charging, or whenever else is convenient, soak the oven screen (and mouthpiece) in isopropyl alcohol. This will save you some elbow grease as time does the work for you!

  • Afterwards, ensure the screen is free of accumulated buildup, particularly around the edges where vapor is channeled.

How often should I replace my oven screen? +

For the freshest tasting vapor possible, it’s recommended to replace your screen every few months, but with regular cleaning PAX oven screens can last quite awhile. Discoloration or staining may occur, but so long as vapor can still pass around the scalloped edges, it will not affect the functionality of your screens.

Iā€™m having some trouble removing my screen from the oven. +

If you’re having trouble removing the oven screen with a pipe cleaner, there is likely some buildup that is keeping it locked in place.

Try this:

  • Place PAX on a flat surface, mouthpiece side down, with the oven lid removed and the oven facing up.

  • Generously soak a Q-tip in Isopropyl Alcohol or PAX Mouthpiece Lubricant.

  • Carefully use the Q-tip to wipe around the edges of the screen while it’s still in the oven.

  • The Isopropyl Alcohol and lubricant will be effective at dissolving the buildup that’s keeping your screen locked in place.

  • Let the small amounts of liquid sit on the screen, in the oven for a minimum 30 minutes.

  • Once you’re done soaking the screen, use a dry Q-tip to remove the remaining Isopropyl Alcohol or lubricant and dislodged buildup.

  • After that a pipe cleaner should easily pop out your oven screen. 

Regular maintenance should help prevent this kind situation, but should the screen still refuse to budge, please contact PAX Support for more troubleshooting and help.

*PAX is an electronic device, so please be extra careful when using liquids during cleaning. Moisture damage is not covered under the 10 Year Ltd Warranty.