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PAX Finish and Materials

What materials are used in the construction of PAX? +

The vapor path is constructed entirely from surgical grade stainless steel and is separate from the rest of the internal components. All plastic components are food-safe, engineering plastics of the highest quality. PAX uses a proprietary, non-ceramic tuned thin film heater bonded to the laser-welded stainless steel oven, separate from the air path.

What is the shell made of? Have there been any changes to its finish? +

The product exterior is anodized aluminum, like an Apple MacBook. It’s a durable, food-safe material that also spreads excess heat. PAX now features a bead-blasted patterning on the shell. This updated finish provides increased durability and improved consistency of finish.

Can I swap my shell for a new color? +

No. At this time, it is not possible to change the shell or color of your PAX.

Where is PAX manufactured? +

PAX is assembled in China. Our overseas manufacturing process is completely managed and controlled by the original engineers here at PAX HQ in San Francisco, who designed PAX with quality as a first priority. That commitment to quality doesn't change overseas. No matter what, your experience is always first in our minds. We take great pride in our products and our manufacturing process is part of that pride!