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PAX 3 User Guide

PAX 3 Device Functionality: Concentrate Insert +

The concentrate insert is a precision CNC machined aluminum oven that works well with a variety of concentrate materials using PAX 3's conduction heating. Its unique design and aluminum construction provides faster heat transfer and ensures a mess free experience no matter how you hold your device.

For best performance, we recommend using only 10 - 20 milligrams of material (about the size of a lentil) and setting the device to the Med-High or High temperature settings. In general, you may find that your vapor is slightly richer than using loose-leaf.

Unlike other oil pens that utilize coil heaters and have a greater chance of overheating, the PAX 3 insert and its algorithm controlled heating is much gentler and doesn't over heat your concentrate.

We recommend cleaning the concentrate insert after every use.

Compared to the standard or Half Pack Oven Lid you'll find that the concentrate insert will sit slightly raised from the bottom of the device to make it easier to remove once you're finished with a session. Although the neodymium magnets are incredibly strong and should keep the insert in place inside pockets or bags, you may wish to replace the insert with the standard oven lid before storing.

Removing a stuck concentrate insert: warm up your device for 3 seconds, then attempt to wiggle out your insert. Make sure to clean your insert thoroughly afterwards.

PAX 3 Versus Era: Concentrates +

PAX 3 is a loose-leaf vaporizer utilizing conduction heating. The included concentrate insert for PAX 3 works well with a variety of stickier concentrates.

In contrast, Era is designed with a wick and coil construction and only works with Era Pods.

PAX 3 Device Functionality: Heating +

PAX 3 heats in as little as 15 seconds.

PAX 3's use of lip and motion sensing automatically cool and boost oven temperatures offering significant performance over other conduction vaporizers that only hold the heater at one consistent temperature.

Auto-cooling preserves your material when you're not drawing from the device. Lip presence gives a quick temperature boost to ensure consistent vapor production during back-to-back draws from the device.

PAX 3 Device Interaction: Drawing / Vapor +

Green means go! PAX 3 will indicate it's reached the desired temperature by displaying 4 green petals.

We recommend gentle, sip-like draws to pull the vapor from the oven through a sealed, surgical-grade, stainless steel air-path.

Ensure you place your lips over the vapor openings in the mouthpiece and not directly in the path of the vapor as you inhale.

It's normal to feel a tiny bit of air restriction in the draw, which helps to create rich, consistent vapor.

PAX 3 Device Interaction: Temperature +

Just like PAX 2, PAX 3 features four temperature ranges that are adjustable through the device interface, using the ON / OFF button. Hold the button for 1-2 seconds when the device is on to enter temp set mode. Use short button presses to cycle through temperature selections. Hold the button for 1-2 seconds or shake the device to exit temp set mode.

Fahrenheit: Low: 360, Med-Low: 380, Med-High: 400, High: 420
Celcius: Low: 182, Med-Low: 193, Med-High: 205, High: 215

When PAX 3 is connected to the app, the full temperature range from 360 - 420F becomes available in 1 or 5 degree increments, giving you a 5th customizable temperature setting in addition to the 4 default settings available through the device interface only.

PAX 3 Device: Oven Dimensions +

Pax 3's oven holds about 0.35 grams of ground material.

The Half Pack oven lid (included with purchase), you can use about 0.17 grams of material in the oven.

These amounts may vary with moisture content and level of grind, but not by much.

PAX 3 Device: Battery Specs and Charging +

PAX 3 comes with a rechargeable 3500mAh Lithium-ion battery and on a full charge lasts approximately 8-10 sessions.

Charge time via USB: 2.5 hours.
Charge time via PAX AC Adapter: 90 min.
A full battery charge is indicated by 4 solid white petals.
A fully discharged battery is indicated by the top left petal blinking red 3 times.

Please Note: Portable electronics containing Lithium Ion batteries present rare, but potentially serious safety hazards, especially under hot or cold conditions.Charging of the PAX should only be performed at temperatures between 41°F and 113°F (5°C and 45°C).To assure personal and property safety, never charge your PAX device below 41°F (5°C) or above 113°F (45°C).

PAX 3 Device: Materials and Finish +

The vapor path and oven are constructed from surgical-grade, stainless steel and are sealed from the rest of the internal components. All plastic materials are made from heat resistant, food-grade materials. PAX 3 uses a proprietary, non-ceramic tuned, thin film heater bonded to the laser-welded stainless steel oven, separate from the air path. The concentrate insert is a precision CNC machined aluminum oven.

All PAX 3 colors come in a high-polish anodized aluminum finish for a beautiful look and feel - while you may decide to buff it occasionally, this certainly isn't a requirement! Plus, the anodization process makes the outer shell extremely durable, so all it take is a quick wipe to get rid of any fingerprints.

PAX 3 Device Interaction: Low Battery Indication +

If your device blinks red in the top left petal (3 times) it means it's time to charge your battery.

PAX 3 Device Functionality: Vibration Patterns +

During normal use, you'll feel these vibration patterns:
Long pulse - device turned on
Short double pulse - device is ready to vape
Short pulse - device is entering motion standby
Click - device turned off

When using the app or game mode on the device you'll also feel:
Long pulse - bluetooth connected, game mode entry
Long double pulse - dynamic mode change

PAX 3 Device Functionality: Lip Sensing +

When PAX 3 detects your lip on the mouthpiece, it starts boosting oven temperature up to and beyond your temperature setting to maintain good vapor production throughout your draw and quickly replenish the heat your oven contents lose during your draw.

When your take your lip off the mouthpiece, oven temperature returns to your temperature setting.

When the device hasn't detected your lip for a while, it starts auto-cooling gradually to preserve your oven contents.

Lip presence-based boosting and auto-cooling work together to give PAX 3 more intelligent and more ideal heating than other conduction vaporizers.

Try different Dynamic Modes with the app to change how much PAX 3 boosts, how long it waits to start auto-cooling, and how quickly and how much it auto-cools.

PAX 3 Device Functionality: Color Themes +

Color themes change how your device indicates the three heating states you'll see during use and the startup animation. All other device indications - charging, state of charge, temp set mode, bluetooth-related animations, error codes, etc. - are unaffected. Color themes are only provided as a way for you to customize your device and do not have any effect on device performance.

For reference, the default color theme your device uses out of the box uses the following animations for startup and the three heating states:
Startup - White Swirl
Heating - Fast Purple Up-Wave
Regulating - Green Plasma
Standby - Slow Blue Down-Wave

Though color themes change the colors used for heating states, the underlying animations used in each state are the same across all color themes:
Fast Up-Wave (LEDs pulse together as a fast upwards wave away from the ground) indicates Heating (oven is heating up).
Plasma (LEDs shift in color irregularly and independently) indicates Regulating (oven is near temperature setting, device is ready to hit).
Slow Down-Wave (LEDs pulse together as a slow downwards wave toward the ground) indicates Standby (oven is approaching Standby temperature).

If color themes are confusing, you can always use the default color theme. You can also try switching between a color theme you want to use and the default color theme during use to be more certain of the device's heating state and how it's indicated with the color theme you want to use.

Android app note - the v1.2.0 Android app does not have a button to select the default color theme. You can tap your selected color theme to deselect it and return the device to its default color theme.

PAX 3 App Feature: Connecting your device +

Ensure that your PAX 3 is on - LEDs should be on. If pairing for the first time, your device should be on before you can put the device into pairing mode with repeated shaking.

Ensure bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device. Ensure your mobile device is within a few feet of your PAX 3. Try tapping on your mobile device's screen if you haven't interacted with the app for a minute or so.

If you're still having trouble, try restarting the app and your device.

PAX 3 App Feature: Lost Connection +

PAX 3 is likely off or out of range with your mobile device.

If PAX 3's LEDs are off, try turning the device on or putting it on the charger to turn it back on. If app doesn't re-connect, try tapping on your mobile device's screen with the app open.

If PAX 3 is on and your mobile device is in range, try turning PAX 3 off and on again or multi-shake to re-pair. If app doesn't re-connect, try tapping on your mobile device's screen with the app open.

If you still can't reconnect, try restarting the app and your device.

PAX 3 Device Functionality: Standby Mode +

After PAX 3 has heated up, it will go into Standby if it doesn't detect tilt (orientation change) or lip presence for 30s by default (in Standard Dynamic Mode). Standby entry happens sooner in Flavor and Stealth Dynamic Modes. Standby entry happens later in Boost Dynamic Mode. PAX 3 vibrates with one short pulse when it enters Standby.

When PAX 3 is in Standby, the oven cools to a fixed Standby temperature that is determined by your selected Dynamic Mode. Standby temperature in Standard Dynamic Mode is 297ºF. Standby temperature is hotter in Boost Dynamic Mode and cooler in Flavor and Stealth Dynamic Modes.

There are two ways that PAX 3 will exit Standby:

1) Place your lip or finger on the mouthpiece. This causes PAX 3 to heat back up to your temperature setting.

2) Tilt the device. This causes PAX 3 to heat to a temperature that is lower than your temperature setting and is determined by how long it's been since your last draw and which Dynamic Mode you're using (lip presence-based auto-cooling). PAX 3 will heat all the way back up to your temperature setting when you put your lip or finger on the mouthpiece. In other words, lip presence-based auto-cooling is only reset (to no cooling) when your lip is detected. Preserving lip presence-based auto-cooling until you put your lip or finger on the mouthpiece prevents your oven material from being wasted when PAX 3 is seeing periodic motion that may take it in and out of Standby but is not being drawn from.

When PAX 3 exits Standby, if the device hasn't been in Standby for very long, LEDs will show that it's still ready to hit. If LEDs show that PAX 3 is heating again (not ready to hit, significant heating needed), PAX 3 will vibrate with a short double pulse when it's ready to hit again.

If PAX 3 exits Standby with tilt only (no lip or finger on mouthpiece) and you're using Dynamic Modes that use more aggressive lip presence-based auto-cooling (Flavor and Stealth), your oven may be not be hot enough to make your first post-Standby draw satisfying when the device indicates that it's ready to hit. If this is the case for you, try going for a longer draw after Standby. You can also try putting your finger or lip on the mouthpiece for a second to reset lip presence-based auto-cooling and then wait until the device indicates that it's ready to hit before you take a draw.

PAX 3 Device Games: General +

Hold Pax3 horizontally and smoothly roll the device three times or select a game with the app to temporarily put the device into game mode. You can exit game mode by turning the device off or deselecting the selected game shown on the app (tap the selected game to deselect).

When game mode is active, your device's LEDs will show the game you've selected instead of showing heating state or charging.

When game mode is active, an additional temperature selection, ""Oven Off,"" is available through temp set mode on the device. The Oven Off temperature selection is shown as four blue LED petals after all other temperature selections when cycling through selections in temp set mode. The Oven Off selection is provided when games are active to allow you to play games without wasting your oven material or significant battery life. Other than the addition of Oven Off, temp set mode works the same in game mode as it does when Pax3 is not in game mode.

Pax3 has three games: PAXrun, PAXsays, and PAXspin.

Entering PAXrun or PAXsays will automatically select Oven Off to avoid wasting your oven material.

Because PAXspin is great to play with while vaping, entering PAXspin will automatically exit Oven Off and return to your last temp selection if Oven Off was selected, though Oven Off will still be available in temp set mode. Shake for battery level is disabled in PAXspin as playing with PAXspin involves shaking the device.

PAX 3 Device Games: PAXrun +

Test your reflexes with a four-pixel game of cat and mouse.

You are the yellow petal. Hold the device flat with LEDs facing up, and tilt to move. Avoid the ghosties (other colored petals) until you get the power up (white petal). Power up lasts for 3s, indicated by ghosty turning dark blue and pulsing dark blue towards the end of the power up. Eating a ghosty advances you to the next level. Ghosties move faster on each level.

You start with five lives. You get another life for every fourth ghosty you eat, indicated by a ghosty-colored blink for every four ghosties eaten so far (e.g. 2 ghosty-colored blinks means you just beat level 8 and got another life). Device blinks all four petals yellow once for every life you have left after losing a life.

Losing all your lives restarts the game. Entering temp set mode or exiting PAXrun pauses PAXrun.

PAX 3 Device Games: PAXsays +

Test your memory with the classic game first introduced in PAX 1.

Device pulses the four PAXsays colors in a clockwise swirl to indicate game entry.

A round in the game consists of the device lighting up three or more petals (one at a time) in a random sequence, after which the user must reproduce that sequence by holding PAX 3 level with the ground (lights facing up) and then tilting the device so that the petal they want to light goes down (it's as if you're pushing down on the petal you want to light). LEDs pulse white if the user does this correctly. LEDs pulse Red after the first incorrect entry.

The game starts with a random sequence of three petals (level 3). A petal is added to the sequence every time the user correctly reproduces the sequence generated by the device.

Turn the device off and on to restart the game. Entering temp set mode or exiting PAXsays pauses PAXsays.

PAX 3 Device Games: PAXspin +

PAXspin can be played however you want.

A single shake left or right sends the brightest petal spinning at a speed based on the max acceleration seen. The spinning petals slow down and stop in a pseudo-random position. You can use position of the stopped birghtest petal in any number of homemade games, e.g. stopped petal points.

PAX 3 App Feature: Temperature +

Live oven temperature is the small number shown directly above your temperature setting, which is the larger number in the circle.

PAX 3 App Feature: Why doesnt my app temperature match my device temperature? +

Live oven temperature boosts above your temperature setting when your lip is detected on the mouthpiece. Live oven temperature starts slowly decreasing below your temperature setting when your lip hasn't been present for some time. Live oven temperature drops to your Standby temperature when device hasn't been moving for some time.

Dynamic Modes set how much oven temperature boosts on lip presence, how quickly and how much oven temperature drops when your lip hasn't been present, how long it takes your device to go into Standby if it hasn't been moving, and what temperature the oven is held at in Standby.

PAX 3 App Feature: Changing App Temperature +

Swipe left or right on the colored circle showing your current temperature setting to decrease or increase your temperature setting in 5ºF increments. Swipe up and down on your temperature selection for fine, 1ºF adjustments.

PAX 3 App Feature: Dynamic Modes +

Swipe left or right on the Dynamic Mode icon to see info about and select your Dynamic Mode.

Dynamic Modes set how much oven temperature boosts on lip presence, how quickly and how much oven temperature drops when your lip hasn't been present, how long it takes your device to go into Standby if it hasn't been moving, and what temperature the oven is held at in Standby.

PAX 3 has five Dynamic Modes you can pick from using the app:

Standard -
Default lip presence-based boosting and auto-cooling. Default motion-based standby.
This is the default Dynamic Mode your device is set to out of the box.
This mode balances consistent vapor production and flavor preservation.

Boost -
More aggressive boosting, less and slower auto-cooling, and higher standby temperature.
This mode is for users who want more vapor at their preferred temperature setting.
This mode optimizes for maximum vapor production.

Efficiency -
Ramp oven temperature throughout your session. Default boosting and auto-cooling with lip presence. Default motion standby.
This mode is for users who like to turn up their temp setting during their session to extract more from the oven as the session progresses.
This mode optimizes for consistent vapor production throughout your session.

Stealth -
Stay stealthy and save battery with fast auto-cooling, lower standby temperature, no boosting, and dimmed lights.
This mode is for users who want maximum discretion and users who want the oven to cool as quickly as possible when they're not drawing on the device.
This mode optimizes for fast cooldown after draws.

Flavor -
Optimize for flavor with fast auto-cooling and more boosting.
This mode is for users who prioritize flavor throughout their session over vapor production when device hasn't recently been drawn from.
This mode optimizes for flavor preservation and on-demand vapor production.

PAX 3 App: Efficiency Mode and Ramp Temp Selection Pro-Tips +

Efficiency Mode enables and selects the Ramp temperature selection on your Pax.
When Ramp is selected, your temp setting will gradually increase when your lip is detected on the mouthpiece.

You can get into and out of Ramp and adjust Ramp without the app using temp set mode on your device.
When your device is in temp set mode, and Ramp is selected, the bottom left petal shows your current temp setting, and the top right petal shows the max temp setting Ramp will reach.

Using temp set mode on the device, you can exit Ramp by selecting another temp setting and holding the button to exit temp set mode.

Using temp set mode on the device, you can also keep the device in Ramp, but change your current temp setting with the following process:
1) Hold button to enter temp set mode. If Ramp is not shown, select Ramp, exit temp set mode, and re-enter temp set mode.
2) Select another temp setting.
3) Shake device to exit temp set mode. Ramp will be selected and Ramp's current temp setting will be set to your selected temp setting.

PAX 3 App: Early Temperature Vibration +

Your oven is ready with a tasty draw when the device indicates that it is ready to vape.

For more vapor on your first draw after turning on the device or after the device has been in Standby, you can wait a few seconds after the device has indicated that it is ready to vape or take a longer, slower draw. For more info on Standby, see the FAQ entry, "How does Standby work?"

PAX 3's temperature control law gives the oven temperature a soft landing when it's approaching your temperature setting, so it's normal to see live oven temperature approach your temperature setting slowly as it gets closer to your temperature setting.

What's the difference between the PAX 3 finishes? +

PAX 3 now comes in two finishes: gloss and matte.

The gloss finish shell is currently available in black and metallic colors with a high-shine polish. The matte finish shell has a smooth surface and is available in a fresh selection of colors.

Why does the packaging look different? +

The packaging has a new look, but you'll find that the quality and functionality of your PAX will deliver the same premium vapor experience as kits with the previous style of packaging.

What is included in the PAX 3 Complete kit? +

The PAX 3 Complete kit includes PAX 3 essentials, such as a USB charger, maintenance kit, and two mouthpieces. Additionally, the Complete kit also includes the Multitool, a Concentrate Insert, and three screens.

How is the PAX 3 kit different from the PAX 3 Complete kit? +

The PAX 3 kit includes the PAX 3 essentials you'll need for use with loose-leaf material, but not with concentrates. Included in the kit, you'll find a USB charger, maintenance kit, and two mouthpieces.

The PAX 3 Complete kit includes more accessories. Along with the essentials above, the Complete kit also includes the Multitool, a Concentrate Insert, and three screens.