To celebrate over 500,000 PAX sales, the most advanced loose-leaf vaporizer, we've reduced the price.

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Regular Price: $249.99

Special Price $199.99

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Remarkable, Consumer-Centric Design
Delivers pure, clean vapor. PAX does not heat to combustion and there is no smoke nor secondhand smoke. Its adjustable temperature has the most precise control system ever realized in a portable product.
  1. Mouthpiece

    Effortlessly turn your PAX on or off with a single click.

  2. Anodized Aluminum Exterior

    Strength, durability, and style. Made to stand the test of time.

    LED Indicator

    One simple interface displays heating status, temperature setting and battery levels.

    Rechargeable Battery

    PAX has smart-charge technology that will preserve maximum battery efficiency.

    Stainless Steel Oven

    Laser-welded medical grade stainless steel.

  3. Magnetic Oven Lid

    Secured with 2 neodymium magnets, sits sub-flush to eliminate spillage.

Device Dimensions Measures 4 1/8” x 1 2/5” x 7/8”
Oven Dimensions Measures 7/8” x 3/8” x 3/8”
Exterior Anodized aluminum shell effectively disperses heat when in your hand.
Battery Lithium-ion battery lasts for up to five oven-loads, recharges in two hours.
Heat Time Heats in as little as 30 seconds. Green means go.
Heating Element Non-ceramic tuned thin film heater bonded to oven.
Internal Accelerometer Detects motion to put PAX in standby-mode when not in use to conserve battery life and oven contents.
Materials Vapor path is constructed entirely from medical grade components. All plastic components are food-safe engineering plastics of the highest quality available.
Pax need some juice while you're on the go? Plug this into a 12V car socket and keep your Pax ready for action. Incl...
Protection for pax has arrived. Slip this cozy carrying case over your Pax and keep it safe from bumps and bruises.
A brilliant blend of the finest matured Golden Virginia tobaccos. Its creamy mellow flavor and subtle aroma make it a...
A perfect blend of Virginia Golden and Burley Black Cavendish tobaccos with an irresistible berry finish. Rich and de...
A balanced blend of Burley and Virginia, augmented by toasted Cavendish and hints of hazelnut. Smooth and pleasing. D...
One 4.7mL bottle of food-safe, water-soluble lubricant to keep your Pax mouthpiece action silky smooth.
Lose your mouthpiece or wish to share with a friend? An extra mouthpiece to the rescue.
Misplace the lid to your Pax oven? Never fear…we’ve got you covered.
Three replacement screens should you misplace yours, or simply prefer one that’s fresh and clean. The Pax screen is a...
Entire charging assembly should you need a replacement charger – or one for work, one for home.
A resealable packet of 20 alcohol-moistened wipes, 20 pipe cleaners and 3 packets of mouthpiece lubricant to keep you...
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