To celebrate over 500,000 PAX sales, the most advanced loose-leaf vaporizer, we've reduced the price.

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Onyx (Black)

Regular Price: $249.99

Special Price $199.99

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Remarkable, Consumer-Centric Design
Delivers pure, clean vapor. PAX does not heat to combustion and there is no smoke nor secondhand smoke. Its adjustable temperature has the most precise control system ever realized in a portable product.
  1. Mouthpiece

    Effortlessly turn your PAX on or off with a single click.

  2. Anodized Aluminum Exterior

    Strength, durability, and style. Made to stand the test of time.

    LED Indicator

    One simple interface displays heating status, temperature setting and battery levels.

    Rechargeable Battery

    PAX has smart-charge technology that will preserve maximum battery efficiency.

    Stainless Steel Oven

    Laser-welded medical grade stainless steel.

  3. Magnetic Oven Lid

    Secured with 2 neodymium magnets, sits sub-flush to eliminate spillage.

Technical Specifications
Device Dimensions Measures 4 1/8” x 1 2/5” x 7/8”
Oven Dimensions Measures 7/8” x 3/8” x 3/8”
Exterior Anodized aluminum shell effectively disperses heat when in your hand.
Battery Lithium-ion battery lasts for up to five oven-loads, recharges in two hours.
Heat Time Heats in as little as 30 seconds. Green means go.
Heating Element Non-ceramic tuned thin film heater bonded to oven.
Internal Accelerometer Detects motion to put PAX in standby-mode when not in use to conserve battery life and oven contents.
Materials Vapor path is constructed entirely from medical grade components. All plastic components are food-safe engineering plastics of the highest quality available.
PAX Love

Pax is life changing. Game Changing. Incredible. Wow.

Alexander S.

Smart, Simple, Convenient. It works for me!

Christopher M.

The best investment I've ever made. Such an amazing, durable, consistent product that saves you money in the long run. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to get a vape. Don't cheap out go for quality.

Joe L.

The absolute best on the market. Period.

Josh M.

The Pax is a revolutionary way to smoke! Feels so much better than the traditional and harsh smoke.

Maddie S

Easily the best purchase of my life

Grant M.

Amazing product. I've heard only good things about this vape before I had bought it but now that I have one I know what all the hype was about. Well done.

Dino F.

I love this product! Thank you Pax, for your creation. I wouldn't own anything else.

Andrew M.

The PAX is simply awesome. Nothing else required.

Cooper C.

I fell in love with my pax the first time I used it. It's my go to way of smoking now and I love the choice of colors. It's simple to use and easy to maintain. I'm so glad my friend introduced me to this product. I am already recommending to others!

Cyndi S.

I love my Pax so much I bought two! This device provides the cleanest, portable vaping experience. It allows you to get the most from your high quality material. This device almost seems magical.

Maureen G.

I was amazed how easy it is to use. I enjoy it better than smoking.

Rose S.

Hands down the best portable vaporizer on the market. Really setting the standards high for all other competitors.

Alex J.

Now that I've used the Pax vape, I am not sure that I ever even owned a real portable vape in the past. Nothing has worked like this. Why buy anything else? The Pax is the Ferrari of portable vapes.

Sparky J.

Brilliant, I love this unit. Simply brilliant.

Bradley M.

Crucial piece in my daily carry. If I lost my Pax today...I'd replace it in a heartbeat. :)

Casey L.

Fantastic product and best on the market. Highly recommended!

Stephen S.

Absolutly love my PAX. One of the best things/gadgets I've ever purchased.

Ebony C.

I LOVE IT! Smart, beautiful, simple! Best ever!

Nicole H.

I recently bought a Pax and love it. This is the fourth type of vape that I've purchased and the Pax is easily the most compact, attractive, discreet, easy to use unit, yet. It has no glass tubes or parts and nothing to quickly break. OMG, the last non breakable vape that I bought was huge and looked like a ray gun...whoa! I am in process of ordering another Pax, for my husband, as he has taken over mine... LOL! That's love! I will be watching this company for any new product development. Those guys have it going on.

Gail T.

I recently purchased a Pax from you and have had some time with it and have some feedback. Firstly, I absolutely LOVE Pax. Absolutely the perfect user experience from any vape on the market. The design is amazing, and the color indicators make it very easy to know what its current function is doing...which can be very confusing with other vapes. Loading the tobacco is super easy and cleaning it is equally the same.

Ben E.

I have been completely happy with my Pax purchase. So easy to use . So easy to clean. Great product. I have recommended it to many friends . Those that have purchased have been very happy. It appears there is no need to be waiting for the next new great thing. The pax is already it - use it - enjoy it -

Stephen W.

It's absolutely amazing. The design, quality, and ease of use all surpassed my expectations by far. The Pax is the epitome of portable vaporizing, and I'm incredibly happy with it. My friends were really impressed by its sleek, advanced-looking exterior. Couldn't ask for a better vape.

Allen P.

Love my new Pax, really great and innovative design. I've received dozens of compliments on my Pax as well as a few people wanting to buy their own after their first time use with mine. Overall I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and the 10 year warranty makes me confident that Ploom has created a durable and lasting product!

Jacob A.

I couldn't wait to try this beauty! It did not disappoint. It's an amazing way to vaporize on the go, camping, hiking, site seeing even! This is by far my favorite invention besides the smart phone ever! Thanks folks at Ploom, ya'all rock :-)

Kit C.

I've owned my pax for over a year and it has changed my life. It is the best vaporizer on the market. Bar none. Don't wait just order one. You can thank me later.

Deepak S.

When my wife told me she was spending that kind of money on the PAX, I thought she was crazy. After my first use, my smoking(vaping) world had changed. I was so smitten with the device, I had to have one of my own because I could not stand to be without it while we are apart. We are now a 2 PAX family and proud of it. So far the PAX has treated us very well. As long as we keep it clean it works perfectly for our lifestyle...THANK YOU PAX people...your product is truly a game changer!!!

Jimmy A.

Wonderful product!!! The Pax works exceptionally well! Also Ploom has wonderful costumer service, who is willing to answer questions and is helpful when a problem occurs, for example when UPS screws up. They took care of everything for me! Even though the Pax is expensive it is definitely worth every penny.

Leigh V.

Amazing! I do not use anything else. And the support team is awesome! Get one, yesterday.

Michele P.

Quality product and great customer service. Hands down, the best vaporizer on the market. I am hooked!

Nicole A.

This device is the best portable vape on the market. Easy to use, Easy to clean, works like a tabletop model and produces dense vapor, excellent warranty. If you want a portable vaporizer this is the one to have.

Mark D.

Love the Pax for its simplicity, quality, perky Ploominaties, and 10 year warranty.

Michelle W.

I love this thing, I could not recommend it enough. Pretty sure I got several friends to buy one just by letting them try it. Great product!

Jason W.

I will admit i was skeptical at first. This device exceeds all expectations and beyond. Well worth every penny.

Robert F.

I've had my pax for about a month now and I could not be happier with this product. Very well designed, always generates lots of interest with people, I love explaining how it works and always recommend it. I think everyone should have one.

Ryan G.

I did a lot of research before purchasing a portable vape. I decided on the pax and MAN, am I ever glad I did! It's easy to use, easy to clean, and super discreet! It produces vapors you can see and works way better than any other portable vape on the market. I AM IN LOVE WITH MY PAX!! This was a very worthy investment and I can see us being together for a LOOOONG time!

Becky E.

What a great product. Great solid, futuristic build. The thing just looks so cool. It has been a reliable workhorse in my first year of use. Looking forward to many more years. Thanks Ploom!!

Thomas F.

To say this is the best vaporizer is an understatement this is the best device ever made I can forget to leave the house with anything else but if I don't have my pax my whole day is ruined thank you ploom I have the blue and now I want every color :-)

Daquon S.

The Pax is by far the best portable vaporizer on the market! It's not only a sexy device it's also very functional, the vapor production is phenomenal and the taste is exquisite. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a better alternative to smoking!

Richard G.

Best money I have ever spent, besides being the best in its class and truly magical you look darn classy using it as well. Its been a life changer for me and I plan on owning one as long as Ploom allowes me to, Great job guys!!

Mr. E.

I think "WOOOOOOOOW!!!" sums up my feelings about the PAX quite nicely. The design is genius, and the functionality is unparalleled. I have had a few vaporizers over time, and I cannot overstate the fact that none of them have even come remotely close to the quality and design of the PAX. Super reliable, easy to clean and highly efficient, the PAX has elevated and redefined the vaporizer. I could go on and on and on about how much I adore my PAX, but I'll wrap it up with this: 5/5 stars, 100%, A+, two thumbs way up. Thank you Ploom, and keep up the good work!

Daniel L.

Let me start this off by saying that I have become a quasi employee of Ploom by recommending the Pax by Ploom to almost every person that I know and just about everyone has purchased one--especially after trying mine. I don't even think that Ploom has to spend money on advertising because I'm guessing that I'm not that only person that has become a "pax employee". The simplicity and results of the device have changed my life. I truly enjoy grabbing my pax every time and my only complaint is that I don't own more than one--mostly to use when the battery dies on my only pax. There are a few items that I purchased in my life that I can say I am absolutely thrilled with and the pax definitely makes this short list. The bottom line is that the creators are genius and have created a device that has improved my daily life extensively. If you are reading these testimonials contemplating the purchase, don't waste your time and just order one. I guarantee that you will feel the same way as me and through brilliance on Ploom's part you too will become a "pax employee"! Well played Ploom, well played...

Daniel H.

Hi, I've had several vaporizers and am now the owner of only 1 - the Pax. I gave away the other ones I've owned. The Pax is such a worthy vaporizer. Beautifully designed, aesthetically pleasing, effective, efficient and elegant. It just plain works. I've recommended it to friends and others and they've been happy with theirs, too. Great on the ski lift, in the theater, wherever you want to be stealthy, quick and unobtrusive. Ploom customer service is great too. Thanks a lot Ploom!

Larry M.

What a life changing product. So stoked to have made this purchase. It's efficient, works wonderfully, easy to use, easy to clean, and it's sleek and small to fit in your pocket. Everybody should have one.

Michael L.

After more than a year of ownership, I can say this is the best vaporizer on the market for on the go, inconspicuous, vaporizing. After many tumbles, some which have or would have broken my other vaporizers such as the Iolite and Arizer Solo, my Blue Pax still looks new with only the rim of the device showing any scratches. When I had to exchange mouthpieces due to mine being of an older generation, the service was impeccable and immediate; they really stand by their 10 year warranty. I wholeheartedly recommend the Pax and suggest you purchase from an authorized dealer and not second hand or Ebay.

Steven W.

I've had my Pax for a little over a week now, and it's without a doubt one of the best gadgets I've ever purchased! This thing is phenomenal. Works as advertised, easy to clean, and great on the go. Luckily I've not had any issues with the device, but I'm not concerned if I do as I've heard Ploom's customer service is best in class! Keep doing great work, you guys! I can't wait to see what you'll think of next!

Ryan F.

The PAX is a GAME CHANGER. There are few things I have that as I look at them I say "I am SO happy I got this!" The PAX is certainly something I can say I am thrilled to have. I've told all of my friends and many seem just one more recommendation away from getting one for themselves! Long Live Ploom! Long Live PAX!

John W.

Love love love my pax! No other option for me. Modern magical and totally easy. Only problem is I want one of every color now. Thank you Ploom for this amazing piece! If you buy this you won't want or need any other vape.


The best quality of a product I've ever bought in my entire life. I am amazed by the build quality, and even more impressed by the performance. It's definitely worth the buy.

Dorian T.

Very happy w/ product and feel confident in after sales support if ever needed. Intuitive, effecient and easy to use, no wasted product.

Francisco H.

I have purchased several portable vapes. The only one that has worked and performs as advertised is the Pax.

Bob C.

Wow this device is amazing!!! Its so sleek and never fails to deliver. Cleaning is a breeze and takes all of 3-5 minutes. I recommend this product to all of my friends that are looking into vaporizers. The two that have purchased a unit so far have had nothing but good things to say as well. You keep doing what you do best Ploom!

Mason C.

I purchased a Pax today. WOW!!! I am very impressed! After spending many hours researching and watching reviews and videos, I took a leap of faith and purchased one. This thing is to Tobacco what iPhone is to phones; sleek, functional, easily transported and most of all it works amazingly well.

M. Heckler

I was a bit skeptical buying a pax. But I must say it is worth every bit of money I spent. I tried smoking the traditional method, and realized how much better a Pax is. Once you go Pax, you never go back.

Mr. P.

I have been using the classic volcano by storz & bickle for 7 years, works amazing. I now use PAX and it's just as amazing!

Rickki S.

Hands down the absolute best vaporizer anywhere. This is my third vaporizer. After not being satisfied with the others I have, I thought I go to my local smoke shop to see if there was anything new that works better and the PAX was overwhelmingly endorsed by them as the one to get. It has the beautiful design and ease of use of an Apple product. Worked perfect right out of the box...get one, you won't be disappointed!

Mario B.

I believe, for the money, this is the best handheld conduction vaporizer on the market. It's sleek design is comfortable as well as discreet. You can take this thing just about anywhere, and very very user friendly/easy to maintain. Thumbs up, 5 stars. Good job ploom! You guys are great!

Zachary J.

I recently purchased the Pax for my boyfriend for Christmas. I bought one from Ebay for $190 thinking i was saving money, and it was fake and disappointing. Luckily i got my money back right away! Don't buy off Ebay or any other website besides Ploom or a certified retail store. Its not worth "saving" some cash, just pay in full to ensure that its real. Eventually, i purchased the "real deal" from a retail store and it is basically the Apple of all vaporizers. It is sleek, discrete, and amazing. It pulls so smooth and was definitely worth the money. It is everything that one looks for in a vape. So amazing that i just bought one for myself as well. I most definitely recommend this product. Its perfect!

Amanda O.

This is a truly amazing product. Such a huge step up from my Puffit vaporizer and well worth the money.

John W.

Just got my cobalt pax in today i was super excited all day for it and i must say im very impressed and love this thing already. You guys are awesome at what you do keep it up!

Seth D.

Pax is amazing, by far the best mobile vape available. Ploom is amazing too. I have nothing but great words for this product and company! Thanks for bringing a great product to market, and thanks for promoting great customer service. --MG


Alright guys .... my GF and I have had the PAX for close to 8 months now ... and I have one word to describe our experience ... INCREDIBLE. From the product itself to the SENSATIONAL customer service, when you buy from Ploom you are joining a family ... that actually cares about you! Thank you Ploom for "getting it" and doing it right. I am a dedicated and loyal customer and try to educate my friends on the PAX whenever I have the opportunity! All that's left is a sports car as I now own the Ferrari of Vaporizers. Make the right decision folks and BUY A PAX! Trust me ..... :) Happy Plooming!

Brandon B.

This is it! Top product gives to you what you paid for, I just can't live without.

Fábio N.

A friend of mine just purchased a Cobalt Blue PAX, and allowed me to try it. Needless to say, I was blown away by it! I found it to be well crafted, Intelligently Designed, and Beautifully Engineered, this little device give so much! I will be ordering one of my own very soon; Bravo Ploom!

Shawn M.

Anyone looking for a portable vaporizer should stop looking right now and just go to and place an order for the pax. Top of the line in my opinion. This is my first owned vaporizer and I must say, I was skeptical at first but after using it for just 3 days now, I don't know what I've been waiting for. This product is amazing. Anyone worried about odor or ease of use can rest now with the pax!

Mike B.

Gotta say, I love my PAX!! Not only is it extremely functional, but its compact and sexy as hell! I was turned on to one of these, by my cousin and was sceptical at first. One session and I was hooked! Now, my friends are wanting one... Buy from Ploom, or an authorized dealer. If you dont, CAVEAT EMPTOR! The customer support is superb. Very helpful and diligent... Love it, love it, love it! Im smokeless... J

Jay S.

Best portable vaporizer on the market, and best customer service!

Jesse K.

Volcano volshmano!! Pax is portable, effective, easy to use, and super sleekly attractive. Yeah it's a little pricey, but aren't you worth it? It's the best and most convenient vaporizer I have ever used. Just get one.

David B.

It's been almost 2 months since I purchased my PAX and all I can say is - BUY IT!! Over the last few years I've used all sorts of glassware as well as even other vaporizers; however, none can compare to this Ferrari of vap's. Everywhere from the smooth anodized outer shell to the 100% pure vapor it produces - this purchase was win win. My GF and I take it everywhere we go - out to a BBQ, in the car to the movies, even laying by the pool on the weekends! It's compact and well made, so tossing it in the side of my duffle or in my front pocket is a breeze. The oven holds enough "product" for a sufficient smoke and one pipe cleaner along with one alcohol wipe makes for a ridicoulsly easy clean - ensuring a crisp, hard hit. When you smoke as much as we do - why not do it right? I'll challenge you to take the risk and make your purchase. After a week of using it and getting your own technique down - go back and use a normal bowl - you'll not only have an immediate urge to throw up but you'll be left with such a nasty aftertaste, you'll be wondering where PAX has been all your life!! Yes, it's that significant!! Yes, it's worth it!! Yes, you will sit there and thank me!! Your body is what you put in it - so keep it pure, how's it supposed to be!! Enjoy and PAX on - Brandon

Brandon B.

This is hands down the greatest vaporizer ever made! It's sleek, convenient, easy, discrete. This is my only smoking device now! I don't leave home without it. I love my PAX. Thank you PLOOM!

Hunter T.

absolutely worth every penny. the pax is sophisticated and truly modern. being able to enjoy it anywhere is liberating. must have if your thinking of getting one just stop don't think just get it I promise the pax won't let you down.

Louis G.

Bought my Pax about a week what a device! Makes smoking easy and safe. Tastes good, looks good, performs well. I recommend it 100%.

Chuck F.

Bought my PAX and I love it! Easy to use. Compact and easy to carry. Great vaporizer!

Christine F.

The PAX is amazing! It's actually way better than i expected. I am very happy wit the quality of the product. I HIGHLY recommend it.

John N.

Where to even begin... This is probably the best vaporizer I have ever used. I use it so much that I'm actually about to buy a second one. If you are interested in vaporizing, this is the only way to go as far as I'm concerned.

Alex S.

All I can is WOW! Got my Pax yesterday....There is no other way I will smoke, It is absolutely amazing! No smell, No smoke....Just clean tasting Vapor.....Thanks Pax for such a great product!!!

Smokey C.

Have been an owner for several months. Really impressed with the product. Any criticism seems to be about the draw. I had the same feeling at first. For me, changing the way I thought about vaporizing, changed everything about the experience. Remember, you're not smoking....this is a new thing. It's having a cognac, instead of a shot. Breath deep and slow. No hurry. By the by, I have experience with Ploom Customer service (no product breakage, another issue). They were great. Responsive, beyond 'hi howaayah', with a sense of humor. AND, they solved a problem for me.

Jerome J.

WOW! Believe the hype, This little portable vape has changed my life. The PAX really is that amazing & it also looks every bit as great as it works, The PAX by PLOOM (Works hard'& Plays harder!) Thanx PLOOM!

Darren Y.

Literally the single greatest purchase I have ever made in relation to vaping. Love the feel!! If you are thinking about get one just stop and get it !!

Kieron R.

The Pax is amazing I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and its safe to say I'm in love. Its such a clean taste... Couldn't ask for a better or easier product to use! I would recommend it to everyone. Thanks for making such a wonderful product!

Ellen R.

The Pax is one of a kind. I've had several conversations... about it, and it seems that everyone, be it on forums or fellow owners I've met, agree that the Pax is a great product. I love all the benefits of it.



Halzi K.

Pax is the Rolls Royce of vaporizers, hands down. Buy one, I dare you to not love it. In fact, I double dog dare you to not be in love with it.

Chris X.

I got my own Pax a few days ago, the form factor blew me away right from the beginning, and once I got accustomed to it and found the proper groove it has replaced everything I have and it is all I use. So easy to clean.

Kris H.

I tried this product today and it blew my mind. I had read reviews but nothing compared to how convenient, portable. After just one use I knew I had to get one.

R. T.

The Pax is absolutely the most exquisite way to smoke on the market! If you enjoy smoking you sure came to the right place! Put a Pax in your life!

Drew F.

Just picked up my Pax, and its awesome! Best Vape i've ever used, can't wait to bring it to concerts!

Mike L.

Switching to the Pax vaporizer was a revelation. It was like switching from a portable cassette player to an iPod. I knew there was a better vaporizing experience out there to be had, but I didn't know how good it could be until I got my Pax.

Jacob R.

You are my favorite superhero Pax.... You need a cape.

Rodney R.

Great customer service. There is nothing out there like this with this kind of support. Great product and amazing customer service.

Mike P.

My Pax has completely replaced my pipe as it has provided a top notch flavor I can't leave. Tried a smoke off of my pipe and it's nasty to me now, I can taste an acrid flavor I never knew was there before. Thanks, Ploom!

Berto L.

The PAX is the iPhone of vaporizers. Nothing else compares.

Mike C.

I own two other very popular vaporizers and they don't hold a candle to the Pax. The experience is fantastic: everything from the aesthetics to the effectivity can't be beat. Thank you for creating such an amazing device and keep up the great work!

Joshua P.

This is the GREATEST thing out there!!! Yes the price is high compared to other Vaps....but IT IS WORTH IT!! You pay what you get for, and this product is the best. You will not be disappointed with PAX.

Christos S.

Pax is everything I hoped it would be and more. Thank you for such a great product!

Kevin F.

The Pax is simply the best Vaporizer ever created. Keep it clean and you'll get the best vaporization you ever had in your life, every time you use it. It's warranty is amazing. The device is flush, it's clean and it's high tech. I love it and my buddies are all planning to get one too. It's perfect

Mike C.

Outstanding product from a VERY supportive company. I have experienced first hand at how well Ploom responds to customers via Twitter and their website chat! You won't regret doing business with Ploom. I love to #RelaxWithMyPax!

Dean W.

At first the price was a bit intimidating, but then again luxury comes with a price tag and it cost to be the boss right? This is the Mercedez Benz of vape pens, it gets the job done and saves you money constantly, plus the 10 year warranty is amazing, you cant lose.

De'Angelo W.

Thanks to all who have helped the Pax come to life! As a 3x/day vaper I needed a high quality + highly portable product. The Pax delivers. Good vapor quality + flavor. Rechargeable battery works well + holds a strong charge.


Best personal Vaporizer on the market.. the technology is advanced yet so simple to use. Tell your friends and family that you cant go wrong with a PAX.

Patrick R.

The Pax is a revolutionary product. The bar of excellence has been set. The design and engineering behind the Pax makes all other hand held vapes obsolete. Im looking forward to what accessories they release next. Great company and great service. Im spreading the Pax love to all my friends.

John N.

PAX is the Zenith of achievement in portable vapes. Clin d'oeil to the iPod is appropriate as it is as much a game changer in its category as the iPod was for personal music players.

Josh G.

Thank you Ploom for making such a great product! The Pax is the most efficient way to enjoy my tobacco on the go. The sleek design makes the Pax very easy on the eyes. Cheers!

John D.

Pax IS the Future. I'm so glad I made the investment. Thanks a million to the guys at Ploom, for creating thee top of the line Vaporizer. This is the Ferrari of cars, in Vape equivalency. This streamlined little device will never leave your side. A Loyal Ploomer for Life!

Christina O.

Easily the best quality pocket-sized vaporizer you can buy on the market right now. There is no way you could be disappointed with a Pax!

Scott F.

I just got my pax about 2 hours ago. I feel like a whole new world has opened up. For example, I can take this into concerts. I could subtly do it in most bars even.

Mike D.

What a 'FANTASTIC' product!!! Simplistic ease of use ...I've already got 4 buddies interested in ordering their own...PAX RULES!

Johannes H.

I finally decided to order my Pax after a few months of debate. Shipping was free, it got here in 3 days, and it came with a couple freebies. Super great experience so far, which got even better when I tried it out. This vape is no doubt the best that's out there. Thanks Ploom. Cheers!

Mike Z.

Just wanted to drop a line and give my opinion of the pax vape. Bottom line love it...... Period!!!! This has become my one and only vape, I've even replaced and sold all my other vapes. Rock on baby...

William D.

LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Pax. It feels so nice plooming indoors and knowing that I'm not bothering anybody! Great product all around.

Gabrielle F.


Steve S.

I love the Pax, I think they have the best customer support, not to mention the quality of their products. If you don't own a pax...You need to go to now.

Dane M.

I just recieved my Pax yesterday and I am in love with it already. It is discrete, convenient and delicious. The vapor is sooooooooo nice. I absolutely adore this product and I will be recommending it to all of my friends! I cannot say enough about the product. It is designed amazingly!!

Sean O.

July 30th, 2012 was the day my life was changed forever. Pax is THE best portable vaporizor in existence. Mine has been running like a champ since day one. Simple maintenance, simple design, simple to use, simply AMAZING!

Matthew B.

I have had the Pax for about 6 months now and it is the best product i have ever used, with the ease of use and the amazing portability i would not trade my pax for anything. You would be a fool if you chose another product besides the Pax. The price is worth it and you will not be disappointed.

Tim R.

The Pax is perfect, you guys did an unbelievable job with this thing. Perfect!!! Perfect!!!! Perfect!!!!!!

Brian A.

One of the best and most convenient devices I have ever used. I will never own another product unless they make a better pax I only wish they had a CAR CHARGER!!!! Otherwise they thought of it all and its extremely easy to use and I love the auto features such as stand by and the heat settings.inluv

Luke F.

Greatest gift i have ever purchased for myself. Vaping has changed my life, and would totally recommend this product. If you looking for a top quality portable vaporizer from a first class company i recommend the Pax by Ploom. I'm a Paxer for life!

Mario G.

I have had a Pax for months now and can't tell you what tremendous service Ploom provides. Only one word to describe the Pax by Ploom, LOVE!

Michael M.

Just got my Pax today and it so well designed! Love the way it feels in my hand.

Calvin W.

It's no coincidence that the Pax resembles the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey, Ploom's newest creation has advanced vaporization by light-years. Delivering exemplary performance, a visionary design, and an astounding warranty really propel the Pax out of this world. Thank you so much, Ploom!

Jordan R.

The Pax is simply amazing. If you're curious what the future of smoking looks like, look no further. Utterly simple with excellent performance & easy maintenance make this a real joy to use. Plus the design is so gorgeous it's fun to just stare at. You won't find a better portable vaporizer. Period.

Tyler K.

I can't believe how well it works...The pax has given me my freedom back. Love you guys.

Kim M.

I purchased my Pax three months ago and I haven't inhaled smoke since. This is the most ingenious, beautiful, and perfect way to vaporize. Simply put the Pax by Ploom is: discreet, enjoyable, sleek and stylish...and simple to use, maintain, and care for.

Mary Ann B.

The Pax is simply a work of art; its convenience, efficiency, and portability are just a few of the many reasons why I love my Pax. In addition to the ultimate quality, the customer service has swept me off of my feet! I guarantee you'll never look back after purchasing one of these bad boys.

Sean T.

Can't say enough great things about my Pax! I was looking for an efficient, portable & easy to clean vaporizer. Hello Pax. Nothing else even comes close... Pax improved every aspect of my life. It WILL do the same for you! BUY ONE! #ditchyourlighters

Jon G.

Ploom, you have invented the most high quality portable vaporizer of all time!! I am in deep emotional Love with my PAX Unit. And use it each morning, afternoon, evening and night! The quality of vapor is amazing and the flavor beats the Arizer Solo! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Cory B.

Love my pax! Great design and functions with ease. Portable and discreet. Already own 2! I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a way to take smoking to the next level.

Paul W.

I just bought a PAX last week and I'm already back on the site purchasing my second unit to keep up at the cabin. This device is ingenious and simple. I highly recommend to anyone that is on the fence about purchasing, it will be well worth it!

Michael J.

This is a life changing item. I first encountered a Pax at a Xmas Party and had one that week. I have since purchased one for my girlfriend and generated more than a few sales to friends. Remember, a clean pax is a happy Pax!!!

I. W.

So simple, so easy to use and so discreet, a wonderful device.

James H.

Once I saw the pax I had to have one. I am not disappointed best vaporizer I have ever owned. It is sleek and discrete. If I lost my pax I would instantly go buy another. Needless to say I am and always will be a pax owner thanks ploom!!

Nick S.

This is probably one of the best engineered products that I have ever owned. It is an incredible design, solidly constructed, and far exceeds any expectation that I would ever have in a vaporizer. I would buy it again immediately if I ever lost it. And Ploom's customer support? They rock!

L. L.

Best thing to happen to "smoking" since its invention.

Chris T.

The Pax is the single best smoking device I have experienced. It truly is a remarkable feat of engineering, which is even more impressive when one considers its chic design. Once you try Pax, nothing else compares. If you're on the fence about buying one, take the plunge. You won't regret it!

Ryan S.

An exceptional product from an incredible company with God-like customer service.

James C.

The Pax is my first and last vaporizer. The design is extremely well thought out and elegant. The vapor production is outstanding. If your questioning the price, don't. The Pax is well worth it.

Scott B.

Pure high tech beauty and quality. Forget anything else, there is no substitute or a better product. Clean, fast, portable, discreet...Pax to the max people.

Bill S.

Pax is so great! I take it everywhere i go, its so simple, portable, and efficient. Gets the job done with ease. Couldn't ask for a better product. Two of my friends are already saving for one! Such a great buy! Money well spent!!!

Chris C.

...Thanks to the Pax, I will never feel the harshness of smoke again! I can't thank ploom enough for creating the Pax!

Brian W.

The style, design and functionality of the Pax is amazing! It is worth every penny, many hours of fun!!


This is, by far, the best portable hand held vaporizer on the market. In all aspects, it trumps the competition. From the convenience, to the ease of use, to the quickness of use, and the quality. Everything is perfect. This is my new prized possession. Thanks and everyone I know wants one too!

Andrew H.

I love my PAX. It heats just right at whatever temperature you choose, it heats well, and there is not one negative thing I can attribute to this wonderful product. I clean it regularly and keep it working to perfection. Great Job Pax Team...

Anthony G.

I've been smoking for 20+ years. The pax is hands down the best device ever! Sleek ,compact, discreet, and works great! Excellent vapor, great taste. This is a little slice of heaven. Oh , and the customer service is so awesome, they make you feel right at home. Thanks ploomers!!

Alex W.

Oh gosh, Pax! I really love you. I quit smoking this year and started vaporizing. Pax has allowed me to become portable! No more ball-and-chain of a balloon or whip vaporizer! Not only is it portable, but it's compact AND adorable AND it works tremendously. I can't say enough positive things!!!

Kenny H.

I've been a smoker for over 15 years and I can not thank Ploom enough for such a great invention like the Pax. It has sure changes my the convenience and freshness it has brought upon me and my fellow Ploomers.

Alexis C.

This is one of the most solid well designed gadgets I have had the pleasure of using. It's solid, well built and does it's job well. It's hard to put down! Money well spent!

Chris N.

Hi my name is Jason and I'm a ploomer. What's a ploomer you say? A ploomer is a person that uses a PAX because its hands down the best portable non-combustible vaporizer on the market. Pax is simple and it's smart.This why I had 3 of my friends purchases a Pax and that number is climbing

Jason D.

I originally bought the Pax just for my on-the-go vaporizing needs because I already had the volcano. Now, four months later, the Pax is my main source for on-the-go AND at-home vaporizing, and my volcano is collecting dust in my closet. Buy a Pax, and you will NOT be disappointed!

Doug R.

Finally, a cool looking vaporizer exceptional features. The best yet, and years to come. Not to mention the great customer service. You guys are the guru of the vapor world. The best vaporizer ever!!!!

Alex W.

WOW One has to marvel of the Sheer beauty and X-factor this baby possesses. Nothing less then a Masterpiece and a stroke of Genius. The simplicity of it, makes it a timeless work of art. When vaporization, innovation and aesthetics takes a step towards the future and becomes one. I love my PAX!

Ole K.

I'm in love! The Pax has been my favourite vaporizer since the day I got it. It's so portable, discrete and most importantly effective! No complaints whatsoever.

Kat N.

The pax is hands down the easiest portable vaporizer to use on the market. There is enough info about how awesome the device is, but I'm happy to say the customer service is just as good! I got amazing service and I suggest Ploom products to EVERYONE these days. You can't go wrong with Ploom!

Matt M.

worth every penny ! Best purchase I every made. Customer service was outstanding and this product will not disappoint! Everyone has to get one !

Veek P.

I have been using Pax for 4 months now, everyday. It is amazing how it works! The BEST portable vaporizer in my opinion.

Sadi S.

Awesome Gadget...i felt in love instantly... Unfortunately there was nothing like the PAX when i started smoking...i will not go back to combustion..thank u very much!

Steffen F.

I carry my Pax around almost as much as I carry my Klean Kanteen. This is great for home or portable herbal usage. Efficiency and functionality meets aesthetic minimalism. If you are still thinking about it, pull the trigger and get it. Many of my friends have. We all have nothing but praise.

Stanly T.

Well simply put this is pretty much the best thing ever. Works great, small and portable, easy to use, quick, and very sleek design. If you are on the fence like I was, definitely go for it, you won't regret it. Best purchase i've made!

Omar K.

Thank you very very much Ploom for creating a pinnacle product!!

Cruze H.

This thing has been a life saver for me!...I have highly recommended the pax to all of my friends!

Kyle W.

This is an exciting and wonderful product! As a Senior Citizen, I'm new to the world of vaporizers. Having tried (and disliked) three other types, I was about to give up the search. Then I shown the PAX. Wow! It's everything it's touted to be: portable, beautiful, and very user-friendly.


This has been the best investment I have ever made. Quality construction, easy to use and clean. This has greatly increased the pleasure in partaking... Highly recommend for maximum delivery of product.

Art R.

A total shift in something I've been doing for almost fifty years. It's strange not needing a lighter anymore, and realizing just how acrid smoke is. Consider: is it the benefit and taste of the material you enjoy, or the burnt taste of smoke? The Pax is my best decision of the decade.

Bruce F.

Have you ever wanted something that all of your friends will be jealous of and want to use all the time? Buy a Pax. Hands down the best money I have ever invested.

Tucker C.

My Pax has been life changing. I never thought I'd be able to completely give up combusting but with the Pax, I have. I use it everyday. It goes everywhere with me, I love it!

Greg A.

My fiancé & I have a purple PAX & a black PAX. They are fantastic pieces that are so very discreet & tastefully designed. Very easy to use...

Rachael W.

Pax is incredible. Simple to use, very well engineered, compact, life-changer. Make the call.

Michael T.

simply head & shoulders above any other portable vape. the pax has replaced my dugout & i am now 100% smoke free. when i introduce my friends to the pax, they are amazed! the price point is incredible. worth every cent.

Larry M.

...this is truly the highest quality portable Vaporizer on the market today. I've had the Vapir NO2 and Magic Flight, the Pax completely blows them out of the water.

Andrew K.

I LOVE my Pax! It fits perfectly in my purse! I use it everyday and wouldn't have it any other way!I've had other hand held vaporizers and they don't even compare!

Britne T.

The volcano of portable vaporizers, Pax is so good I ordered one for my wife within days of receiving mine. Thank you Ploom for superb innovation matched with unparalleled functionality.

Nate W.

Wow !! I'm SO happy !! Just got my Pax and christened it - euphoric results ! It's small, discrete and not too hot to handle. Black rocks, looks sleek. A poem: Here they are just the facts / I'm stoked about my new Pax / I can carry it anywhere - room to room / I'm so happy I found my Ploom !

Chuck F.'s so great, that I just HAD to purchase another one a few months after I purchased the first one. I have been combusting for 15 years, havent combusted since the day my first sleek black Pax arrived. Intelligent device, Great service, Ploom Rocks!

Dave P.

I haven't purchased an accessory in 15 years and recently got a Pax. I'm VERY impressed with the quality and convenience of this product. I've only used it a couple of times so far but I can easily say it's the best vape I've ever used. Totally worth the price.

Rob S.

I have tried many of the most popular portable vapes, and the Pax beats them all, hands-down! Easily palmed, it is stealth enough to use discreetly but with a cool factor that you will want to show off. I have been amazed at how powerful the Pax is. You will not find a better option when on the go!

Mike B.

I've had other portable vaporizers but the Pax is light-years ahead of them! It's so sleek and discreet! Looking into purchasing another one for my fiance!

Adam B.

The future is here, and after using the pax I now believe that time travel is possible. Don't hesitate to step into the future with Ploom, this thing is the flux capacitor of vaporizers.

Rick M.

I love my Pax, it's totally revolutionized the way I smoke. It's...more efficient, more discreet and most importantly more enjoyable than anything else I've tried. I've already convinced my brother, uncle and cousin to all invest in them. All concur and give rave reviews. Love it.


It's hard to believe I knew how to live without it. Pax is truly the first mainstream, reliable, effective, enjoyable premium portable vaporizer on the market. Thank you Ploom, and keep it up.

Anthony M.

Worth every penny! Stanford should be proud!!


The Pax was the device that led me to make the jump to vaporization. Its sleek and stealthy, and VERY effective. I never leave home without it now. Definitely a game changer in my book!

Ralph W.

The Pax is a device in which you would think Steve Jobs would of used as he was coming up with ideas for a revolutionary product. It's elegant, sleek, easy to use and just so damn nice to look at. Happy Plooming!

Eric M.

Pax is one of the best investments you can make. Top of the line vaporizer, this is the future!

Deni P.

PAX was my second portable vape, and the best by far. "A clean Pax is a happy Pax" is not an understatement. Good amount of vapor, great battery, stylish. No complaints!

Mel M.

I am ecstatic to have finally found the perfect, compact, portable, personal vaporizer! I ONLY vape, and I've tried every vaporizer on the market. Pax is by far THE most reliable, easiest to use and coolest looking unit I've tried. It's discrete and packs a powerful punch, with three heat settings.

Noelle P.

This thing is AMAZING. I love every aspect of it. I was very skeptical to purchase this initially. As soon as I tried it out, I was instantly thrilled with my purchase. Pax beats every other unit hands down.

Richard S.

Pax is the ultimate...most has set the new benchmark in the industry...absolutely love it...if you are thinking about buying one...don't is worth every penny!!!

Andrew G.

Whoever said money couldn't buy happiness clearly had never bought a Pax before! I have tried many other portable vaporizers but this one is the only one that doesn't completely annoy me.

Marc Z.

Pax is my best friend. Phone, wallet, keys and Pax. Always with me :)

Alex C.

Easy to use, very solid and high quality. Feels right when you have it in your hand. Taste is awesome without the harshness. Extremely satisfied and not disappointed at all.


When I tell people the price of my Pax they are highly skeptical, then I let them try it. By the time we're parting they are calculating ways to come up with the 250 bucks to get one. You really do fall in love the very first puff.

Mel N.

It is everything it claims to be and more! Loved it so much I ordered a second in another color within minutes of the first ones arrival!!! I'm in Love!

Terry O.

Ploom jumped light-years ahead of the competition with the PAX. It is, by far, the best portable, extant. Look no further. Buy it now. It's worth every penny.

Bob-O S.

2012 has hit! The Pax is an instant classic.


Thank you for making the perfect vaporizer easily and throughly manage its use, not only for on-the-go, but for primary vaporization. This is a very special product.

Tom K.

This is the vaporizer you want! Compact, sturdy, smart and portable. Awesome design, easy to use, easy to maintain and discreet. What more can you ask for. Worth the money, will not disappoint

D. Hilo

I love my Pax. Love. Love. Love. It was the smartest purchase I have made in a long time. very worth the price, it's compact, attractive, and it works like a charm.

Diana M.

Wow! If James Bond was to use a vaporizer, the Pax would be what he would be using. This thing is amazing!

Brian B.

This is my 4th vape I have purchased and is, by far, the highest quality of them all. was about to give up on finding a good portable vape that did not break within a month when I found the PAX. Being a "geek" I can really appreciate the style and quality. A great product, through and through. LOVE

T Gage

I'm glad I can enjoy the smooth taste the PAX's offers. You really notice the difference when you use a great device like the PAX. Also the fact it's small and compact makes the would of a difference. By far the best portable vapor I've witnessed.

Marcus G.

...I finally manage to receive my Pax !!! :) that's an absolutely amazing device. Clean, beautiful, elegant, smart and very efficient. Thank you so much for inventing that magical tool ! Mr Ploom, you rock !! :)

Bruno G.

My Pax is a part of my everyday routine now! Thanks for the ease of use!

Joe R.

The Pax is compact, efficient, well-crafted, and beautiful.I believe it will pay for itself within one year. My best friends are getting one for Xmas.

tom R.

Received my Pax just over a week ago...absolutely "Awesome"....takes the "Vap" experience to a whole new level...especially when you can have something that is slightly bigger than a "BIC" lighter...congratulations with this breakthrough product...will be recommending it to my friends...

Andrew G.

If you don't have one yet, what are you waiting for? You are missing out on one of the best portable vaporizers you have ever encountered thus far.

Sam S.

It came quick though and is one of the most beautiful items I've ever possessed. You guys are great designers!


I love the design of the Pax, it is simple yet effective. The chosen temps are brilliant, and make for a uniquely unmatched vaporization experience and effect. Most efficient and easy-to-use device I've seen anywhere. Other devices have a learning curve, but everyone that's tried it, Loves it.


I have had pax for a week now, greatest portable vap I have ever used.


I've tried quite a few vaporizers including many portables. My hopes weren't terribly high when I ordered the Pax but I must say I'm VERY impressed with the device. It heats up very quickly, works very well, seems like a solid build, customer service is great. Love it so much I bought a 2nd one :)


The best vaporizer I have ever owned. I love the temperature settings. The only drawback is the unit is so sleek that it easily slips from the hand and pocket. Get a case for your Pax before you lose it like I did! Otherwise 9/10


Wow, you've changed my life. I've since thrown out everything else I've ever used to light up, and am committed to pax. Thank you.


I hold in my hands the finest portable vaporizer I have ever come across.


I just got my pax yesterday, and I love it. No more stinky smoke in my hair and clothing. No more nasty smoke after taste in my mouth. It is so smooth. and Love the fact that I don't have to carry a lighter with me anymore. Just load up my pax, turn it on, and 30 secs later I am good to go.


Finally a portable vape that doesn't suck!! This thing is as close to a portable volcano as it gets; very satisfied customer!!!


So, it boils down to this: It's a wireless, rechargeable, flameless hookah tip with no giant central apparatus--totally self-contained. My hat is off to the inventors--a clever niche of the market waiting for fulfillment, and they have delivered their dream most precisely! Full marks, no notes.


The only worthy portable vaporizer. truly the best vapor quality. I am extremely happy with my purchase as i use this device multiple times a day. you get what you pay for and this device is worth every penny.quality built to last. With excellent customer support this is an excellent company.

Adam F.

phenominal the"it factor" in vaporization

keith s.

Pax, has done it!...the first Vape...that i have found that not only gives you the SAME results in quality, strength, and feel as actual smoking...The look build and performance of the Pax has just set a new standard for the category!! Perfect is all i can say...called all my friends and said just buy it, no need to wait to come try it because i am positive you will run out to get one!! Don't wait just pull the trigger I promise you will love this!


From the style to the stealthiness to the battery life, the Pax is an amazing handheld device. The Pax is the bees knees!!

Anthony E.

Between the portability and the usage of this product, everything works PERFECT. Great job Ploom :)

Taylor S.

You guys have a winner here...Love my pax the ultimate portable vaporizer...Well done.

Turk B.

Typically I'll wait after a few weeks of real world use before critiquing new vaporization technologies. However, I am compelled to review my new Pax after only my first session. My expectations were high for this device in terms of quality, design, ease of use and practicality and they were exceeded in every category.


I had my healthy skepticism on high alert, but the Pax is the best of all the portable units I have tried. It's sleek, it works like a charm and it even looks amazing! I've gone ahead and sold off all my other devices and so should you.

Alex V.

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