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At PAX Labs., Inc., we are continuously driven to explore ways to increase our speed to market with new-to-the-world essential solutions. Developing and implementing new technologies has enabled us to create innovative product and design solutions across our products.

Notice of Patents

In accordance with Section 287(a) of Title 35 of the United States Code and any other comparable requirements in other jurisdictions, notice is hereby given of Pax Labs. Inc.'s rights in the issued patents and pending applications as listed on this page and associated with the following products, JUUL® brand products and PAX® brand products.

US Patent No. 8991402, 9215895, 9408416, 9549573   

       and all international and/or foreign counterparts

US Design Patent  No. D744419, D762003, D776338

        and all international and/or foreign counterparts


Notice of Trademarks

The following are trademarks and registered trademark of PAX Labs, Inc. in the United States and other jurisdictions:

BLEND X;  DYNAMIC MODES; JAYBIRD:  JUUL;  JUUL (stylized); JUUL Hexagon Broken Line Designs;JUUL Hexagon Designs;  KICK-ASS;  PAX;   PAX (stylized) ; PAX LABS;  PAX2;PAX2 (stylized); PAX3;  POTRERO;  ROCKET;  SESSION REHASH;  SIMPLECLICK; SIMPLECLICK PODS;  X;  X (stylized)

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